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When you think of Belgium you think in the first place of Belgian chocolates , Belgian waffles and Belgian beer. When you think of Belgian Art you think of the surrialism from René Magritte. Surrialism is deeply ingrained in the DNA of Belgian artists, theatermakers, film directors.


Belgian art has a strange character. Artists looking for the tangible elements of the world with particular attention to the everyday actions. This realism is  placed in a strange environment in which reality is questioned , looking for the dream , the fiction , the absudism in reality. What remains is the reality of the theater itself.


Anno 2014 Belgian art inspired the world, like Michaël Borremans , Luc Tuymans , Berlinde De Bruyckere , Felix Van Groeningen, Michaël R. Roskam, Alain Platel , Meg Stuart and  Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.


In this context I was working the past twenty years as a performer, director, playwright and drama teacher. These different 'roles' do not affect the quality: in the morning I  learn the kids as a drama teacher the movement of the material based on the knowledge I need as a performer in the evening. 


Every lesson/workshop is build on traditions and innovations from the past  but also on contemporary artistic methods which are translated into viable and understandable instructions for children, teens and adults who are taking their first steps.



During the training the participants are introduced to various aspects of drama and they will have the opportunity to experiment.

The focus is on learning from experience. The classes and workshops are first and formost a meeting place where you learn methods and techniques from the world of theatre and contemporary dance. Text is only one of the many dramatic means of expression. Body, sound, image, and other media are equally worthy.


Every course and workshop offers an in-depth drama experience that opens the ideas, a first ever experience of quality theatre and a philosophy that 'the best of theatre for beginners should be judged on the same high standards of performing, writing, directing, acting and design as the best of professional theatre'.


Be part of an unforgettable theatrical experience that will expand your horizons, change perspectives and challenge your creative talents in a no pressure environment where creativity and imagination blossom.


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