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In 2020 Dubai celebrates the 35th World Expo with as central theme: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Over 120 countries and organizations will participate, including Belgium.. Researcher/artist Dr. Chokri Ben Chikha is, along with other artists, selected to to represent the Flemish community.

To prepare his artistic intervention  he will consult the people of Flanders to find typical Flemish traditions, objects, stories,... to find a representation of the Flemish identity.


What should be not missed on the Flemish Pavilion?
How do we present ourselves to the rest of the world?
What history we share?

And most importantly: What future dreams do we have in Flanders?

During the five years of preparing and research he will do public presentations in the format of a theatre show. The audience will have the possibility to give suggestions or new ideas. 


Chokri Ben Chikha starts in Brussels and then pulls through Flanders.
With as final goals to charm Dubai and the world with the wonderful Flemish culture.





- Flemisch Pavilion  on Facebook





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