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December 2016 - this performance was the result of a workshop lead by Sanja Miitrovic at RITCS / BRUSSELS


'Looking for Brecht' was a performance  inspired by the work and method of Bertolt Brecht. Like Brecht used a 'boxing game' as a metaphor ("In the Jungle of Cities") , I used a female character that's looking for her identity as a metaphor. As she's connected with the past, she gets lost in her future.

Today's political and cultural context has a lot of connections and references with the political and cultural context during Bertolt Brecht's life. In an artistic way I want to discover and analyze the method of Brecht. I want to connect my uncertainties and fears about the world today with the the uncertainties and fears of his time period. Through the game I want to communicate with the past and this in both directions.


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